Facing the Fears of Addiction Recovery

Recovering from addiction usually brings challenges that make success seem unattainable. The rehabilitating addict experiences doubts, anxieties, and fears on what lies ahead on the road to recovery.

Fearing Sobriety

Sobriety implies the loss of known coping methods, that is, excessive drinking or drug use. Without these habits, the individual may be uncertain about his or her ability to deal with stress and disappointments. Doubts about life without the pleasurable influence of substances can be paralyzing.

Fearing Failure

There will always be the possibility of relapse at any point in the recovering person’s life. Managing cravings and staying on track of goals can be daunting, especially when temptations unexpectedly arise. The person may also feel helpless, undeserving, or too weak to achieve success.

Fearing Rejection

Some recovering addicts might think that even if they resolve their problem, they would not be accepted by people close to them or by society in general. They may be occupied by abandonment issues and insecurities about judgment from others. They may also find it difficult to reach out and trust people who can help them in their recovery.

Rehabilitation center professionals and support systems invaluably help in dealing with these fears. With their own intimate knowledge about the state of addiction, these people can assist the recovering addict in identifying these negative thoughts and finding ways to resolve or control them. 

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