Seeking Rehab in St. Louis as Component of DUI Conviction Penalties

“Cassidy’s attorney said that while the singer-actor was ordered to undergo 90 days’ residential rehab, a sobriety coach spent one month guiding him. The court also mandated Cassidy to attend an alcohol-education program for nine months.

Penalties for a DUI arrest in Missouri can be just as harrowing as it is out west. Missouri state law mandates a blood alcohol content (BAC) threshold of 0.02% for drivers under 21 years old and 0.08% for people over 21; third-strike offenders lose their license for ten years and face up to four years’ jail time. If the court orders you to undergo treatment for alcohol abuse as part of the conviction, professionals at rehab in St. Louis, like the good people at Midwest Institute for Addiction (MIA), are ready to help you.”

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