The Lifelong Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

When a person succumbs to alcohol abuse or alcoholism, breaking the addiction and staying out of it will prove to be a tough journey. From seeking treatment to maintaining sobriety, the person faces a lifelong commitment to recovery filled with challenges. However, with ample guidance and support, the recovery can be managed well.

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab

Medical professionals in the rehab setting will prescribe and supervise a suitable course of treatment for the individual’s alcohol addiction. A comprehensive approach involving medications, therapy, and other adjunct recommendations (e.g. diet and exercise) in inpatient or outpatient treatment centers may be recommended. Under the supervision of a health care team, the individual will be provided with the tools necessary to develop the strength, discipline, and determination to recover.

Follow-up and Relapse Prevention

During and beyond the follow-up phases, the individual will be encouraged to be more independent in his/her resolve to recover. Prescribed maintenance medications will need to be taken as instructed to avoid the consequences of abrupt withdrawals, such as the return of cravings.

Often, long-term lifestyle changes are needed to stay sober. These could involve dietary modifications, fitness routines, and worthwhile recreational activities to make judicious and positive use of the individual’s time and energy. The recovering person also needs to find steady support from close friends or family who can help in preventing relapse through the rest of his/her life.

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